Form outside the box

Well-focused design by Takeshi Miyakawa @ VICS 2018

Functional, thought-out and enlightening—those are the attributes reflected in the design of Japan-born and New York-based designer Takeshi Miyakawa.

Good, useful and aesthetic design is based on keen observation and studies on societal habits, changes and adjustments. Miyakawa clearly has a talent to sense necessities and to transform them into new, practical and emotionally touching everyday commodities for domestic and office environments.

The design-language of his products is—in spite of sophisticated details—reduced to the basics without losing their intuitive directions for use. This is what gives his products—considered as a whole (“fractal 23”, “gang of four”, “mobius chair” ao.)—their own, harmonious language speaking of the practicable in a playful to poetic way.

The designer is known for the experimental studies preceding his drafts. He also turns form and purpose upside down to question design, function as well as use of conventional materials and objects to create something new unprejudiced.

In the exhibition VICIS // ALWAYS CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM he shows experimental works, studies, drafts and complete prototypes. They not only provide deep insights into his working methods but also into the long process which designer and products go through in general for creating innovative, valuable and fine objects of use before—at the end of the production chain—they pop up in front of us with a logical self-conception.

He keeps a youthful spirit in his works with his talent to make playful, poetic and artistic drafts and mock-ups around all possible questions on everyday life. His pieces serve him as an inspiration and sometimes even after years, close before gathering dust in a corner of his studio—such as his mock-up of the mobius chair that waited 5 years before being realized in 2014—they become a new object or furniture that creates enthusiasm.

Part of the exhibition VICIS // ALWAYS CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM | March 3—11, 2018 | Bunker am Viktualienmarkt, München | mcbw.