Get ready for the main design event of the German capital

The second edition of the yearly state of DESIGN, BERLIN festival will run from June 1 to June 4 at the Vollgutlager of the Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln. With a program that includes exhibitions, talks, and a film day, the main event of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK will also this time debate future design by triggering crossovers between the rapidly growing categories in the field, such as product-, industrial-, experimental-, critical- and social design. One of the many novelties will be the launch of GRAS, German Roots & Stuff, an online platform that promotes and sells state’s very first NIEUWE GERMAN GESTALTUNG COLLECTION. And last but not least, the festival will be a four day platform of exchange where anyone interested in design can meet designers and other professionals, national and international, face to face, and in a most informal –for Berliner– manner. So also get prepared for some serious fun.

Two exhibition platforms will stand central at the Vollgutlager, a newly renovated architectural gem which will already come by itself as a great discovery. On the one hand, there will be ALLES NEU — NIEUWE GERMAN GESTALTUNG #006: the sixth edition in a series of meanwhile notorious roadshows in which state of DESIGN each time highlights a different choice of the latest and best in German design, in a unique format that confronts and combines tradition and experiment.

Returning to its homebase Berlin, NIEUWE GERMAN GESTALTUNG #006 will screen in première an overview of the first five editions, that traveled from Herford, over Kortrijk, to Cologne, with a list of participants that reads like a who’s who in German design. On top of that, it will launch the first Nieuwe German Gestaltung Collection, a series of objects that were taken from these first five editions and that will be worldwide promoted and sold through the brand new online platform Gras, German Roots and Stuff. And, of course, it will also present a new selection of German designers, established ones, and newcomers, who will come as a total surprise to the public.

The same goes for the second exhibition platform, TOTAL CHANGE—NIEUWE GLOBAL GESTALTUNG #001, which will highlight the latest and best on a worldwide level.

At the core of this platform will be ‘Five Years After: How Sustainable was my Sustainability?’, a project that went on the search for what happened to the 100 projects which Max Borka and MAPPING THE DESIGN WORLD collected five years ago in ‘Form Follows Foco’, a pioneering exhibition cum publication that offered a worldwide of the explosive rise of social and other alternative forms of design, from Afghanistan to Zambia, and that traveled from The Biennale for Design and Social Innovation in Liège, Belgium, to the Vienna Design Week.

Several other presentations will complete this international platform. As was already the case in the first edition of state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2016 festival, they will especially focus on countries that are generally not considered to be powercentres of design, such as the Baltic States, Lebanon and Flanders. Much more than just a showcase, state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017 will be constantly animated by talks, debates, workshops, guided tours, and other events, such as a film day.

Meet and greet events will animate every other evening of the festival. For the main design event of the German capital will be first and foremost a festive get together, totally in line with the spirit of Berlin, very open and bottom up, and with no barriers or thresholds.

A small catalogue that will equally serve as a ticket and guide to the event will be handed over to every visitor.

More details will be revealed as the preparations move on, on the state of DESIGN, BERLIN website, but also via newsletters, and the facebook pages of state of DESIGN, BERLIN, Nieuwe German Gestaltung, and Mapping the Design World.


state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017
June 1 – June 4
Vollgutlager Alte Kindl Brauerei
Rollbergstr. 26 12053 Berlin
Daily from 11am till 8pm.
State of DESIGN, BERLIN Night: Friday June 2, 8pm - Open End